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Category: And Not Or

Barbara Richardson on growing a nonprofit.

In this episode, a chat with Barbara Richardson, Executive director of Metropolitan Performing Arts, a growing academy, community theatre, and arts resource headquartered in Vancouver, Washington.  Barbara reflects on the challenges and high points of her work, her vision for the organization during the Covid-19 quarantine and beyond, how she shoulders the epic task of leading a nonprofit day to day, and why she does it.  If you enjoy the podcast, be sure to click to follow or subscribe, so you’ll automatically see when new episodes arrive. 

Kevin Moore on emotion and the body

This episode brings a conversation with Reembody Method founder Kevin Moore about the Reembody Method, memories from his experience as an actor, as well as some of the things he’s learned about the benefits of staying present, and what emotions can mean for the body.

Nancy Campbell’s search for authenticity.

In this conversation, Portland based writer and actor Nancy Campbell reflects on her very first acting class, the many twists and turns of her quest for authenticity in work and life, and how it was worthwhile for her to do the most frightening thing she could imagine.

And, Not Or. A conversation with Lyra Butler-Denman.

In this episode, Lyra Butler-Denman reflects on her journey through her first self-produced solo production, “Bardo”, as we have a conversation about loss, grief, and making one’s own work. Lyra Butler-Denman is a Portland, Oregon based dancer, actor, and multidisciplinary artist.