Life Coach | Consultation Sessions and Mentorship

Jeffrey Puukka
Acting teacher, theatre director, drinker of coffee, creator and curator of the And, Not Or podcast.

Support to demystify, unblock, and achieve.

You might be ready and just not realize it yet.  Let’s empower your ‘what ifs’!  Consultation Sessions create opportunities to be listened to.  To sift through questions and concerns.  To engage in collaborative brainstorming or problem-solving for actionable steps toward your life and work being the way you want them to be.  Booking a consultation is about empowering yourself with support and encouragement to unblock your confidence and achieve your goals.

You can book weekly or bi-monthly sessions for deeper support, or just schedule a few to gear up for short-term goals that have you feeling anxious.


One-to-One Consultation Sessions
60 Minute Session:  $65
90 Minute Session:  $95


Or, email to request a meeting IN PERSON.

Accepted forms of payment

For your convenience, I can accept advanced booking payments via Cash App,

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For In Person sessions, I happily accept advanced booking via Cash App, Venmo, or PayPal when we schedule your appointment.

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