Life Coach | Consultation Sessions

Jeffrey Puukka
Acting teacher, theatre director, drinker of coffee, scribbler of Notes to Dearie.

I am Jeffrey. I help people stumble into confidence.

I don’t like the term Life Coach. It is vague and trite. What does a Life Coach do, anyway? There is no such thing as a perfect life. There is no such thing as perfection. We are all wildly different humans with unique tastes, priorities and values. Perfection for one is certain to be pandemonium for someone else.

What-if. . .

I work with people through Consultation Sessions. Booking a Consultation Session is about empowering yourself with support as you take the plunge into your creative endeavors, your most deeply cherished daydreams, your ambitions, your what-if hunches… the hopes and ideas that flood you with terror, or fill you with excitement, or both.

What support I can offer is different for everyone, but it may manifest as one, or a combination, of these forms:

A listener.
-A collaborator for brainstorming or strategy.
-A cheerleader.
-A mentor.


If you’re curious to collaborate with me, you can take initiative to introduce yourself via email and suggest a free exploratory phone or video chat. Message me here subject “Consultation Sessionand tell me your story… But please note, I have a nagging, conscientious need to not abuse anyone’s time. If I do not feel I am a useful match to successfully support you on your journey, I will politely articulate that.


One-to-One Consultation Sessions
60 Minute Session:  $65
90 Minute Session:  $95
Ongoing Retainer: Paid monthly. Fee varies.