Monday Night Acting Lab | Winter Term 2020

Winter Term has already begun. Spring Term will begin Monday 30 March, 2020.

Jeffrey Puukka instructs the Monday Night Acting Lab sponsored and hosted by Mt. Hood Community College, in Gresham, Oregon.

First say to yourself what you would be, then do what you have to do.

*What’s Up?

The Monday Night Acting Lab is a welcoming, and flexible space.  Through group and solo work, exercises, challenges, and games, this weekly class offers a laboratory and safe environment for intensive study and investigation.  Things we try to explore each term:

-Stretching the Imagination
-Text Interpretation
-Connecting with your Scene Partner
-Pathways to Characterization
-Working with your Body and Voice
-Emotional Availability

Discover and explore the questions that nag you about your own acting habits, and develop your library of audition material. Get up on your feet, get out of your head, and into the room!

Previous experience is welcome, but not necessary.

*When and Where and How?

Mondays 6 January – 16 March, 2020
Sponsored and Hosted by / at:
Mt. Hood Community College
(Community Education Class # THE4UA)

Cost: $69.00 only!

This class meets for two hours, Monday evenings at 7:30p, beginning 30 March and concluding 8 June, 2020.

If you are looking for something, don’t go sit on the seashore and expect it to come and find you.  You must search, search, search with all the stubbornness in you!