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1. As a director

I want to make theatre that is palpable, daring, and fearless.

2. Because of that

I teach. I am curious about actors, and deeply invested in helping actors achieve the audacity, skills, and awareness to work with generous bravery, and shine.

3. I believe

Creativity suffers without trust. Trust is only possible in feelings of safety.

4. Because of that

I am radically committed to kindness as the bedrock of the working environment I set.

Be well,

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Our anxiety is high from the beginning scene” . . . “The Greek tales are timeless, and Puukka uses them to give us images of the realities of modern conflict between everyday people, armies and politicians. It’s not a patronizing liberal critique for pacifism, but a psychological interview of the dark side of human nature.” 
(Women of Troy reviewed by Christa Morletti McIntyre, Oregon Arts Watch.)

“The magic of being simultaneously inside one’s comfort zone and outside it: Jeffrey has been able to strike the most graceful and fruitful of balances when it comes to making sure participants are stretched to their potential, without sacrificing the warmth and guidance that stand as testament to a gifted teacher and acting coach.”

(Ani Elizaveta, Los Angeles / New York).