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I love helping people stumble into confidence.  I am also passionately curious about actors and actor training. Professionally, I work where these preoccupations converge… I am a theatre director, an acting coach, and I offer services as a life coach. Thank you for visiting, and welcome.



“I want to endorse Jeffrey as being a thoughtful director. He is supportive and skilled at bringing out the best in actors. I have really enjoyed working with him. If I were preparing an audition, I would find his advice valuable. If you are considering this offer, proceed with confidence.”

(Jen Gosnell, Actor and Voice-over Artist)

Our anxiety is high from the beginning scene” . . . “The Greek tales are timeless, and Puukka uses them to give us images of the realities of modern conflict between everyday people, armies and politicians. It’s not a patronizing liberal critique for pacifism, but a psychological interview of the dark side of human nature.” 
(Women of Troy reviewed by Christa Morletti McIntyre, Oregon Arts Watch.)