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1. As a director

I want to make theatre that is palpable, daring, and fearless.

2. Because of that

I embrace the long view and teach. I am curious about actors, and deeply invested in helping actors achieve the skills, experience, and awareness to work with generous bravery, and shine.

3. I believe

Creativity suffers without trust. Trust is only possible in feelings of safety.

4. Because of that

I am radically committed to kindness as the bedrock of the working environment I set.

Be well,

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“I went into our first class expecting to hate every single tick of my Rolex until 9:30 pm … but surprised the hell out of myself by wishing my very reliable watch was less reliable.  I came home from class wired for hours.  It happens every class.
When I started the class, I did not speak in public.  But now I’m finding my voice and I’m less afraid of it.
When I started the class, I did not want to be seen.  But now I’ve stood alone on a stage and I can’t wait to be standing on that stage again.
When I started the class, I couldn’t write.  Not a word.  It wasn’t writer’s block.  I could not create … and creativity is everything.  But now I’ve submitted two short fiction pieces. I float in that feeling of lost time and lovely words and running out of toner.  
Acting feeds my need to create – it is addictive.  I want to learn more. I want to do more.”

(N. Campbell, Monday Night Acting Lab participant.)

“Jeffrey Puukka has directed a gripping must-see theatre event. His cast poured their hearts, minds and bodies into this show and I’ve never heard the beauty of Tennessee’s words, nor felt the power of his anti-misogyny and anti-violence message as strongly before. This show does not shy away from brutal truths. This show magnifies the voices of two powerful sisters who endure pain, hardship and injustice. The love they feel for each other and the joy they spark is infectious. They are trying to make sense of the world and thrive. Their stories are 100% relevant today.”

(Heidi Hinshaw)