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1. As a director

I want to make theatre that is palpable, daring, and fearless.

2. Because of that

I embrace the long view and teach. I am curious about actors, and deeply invested in helping actors achieve the skills, experience, and awareness to work with generous bravery, and shine.

3. I believe

Creativity suffers without trust. Trust is only possible in feelings of safety.

4. Because of that

I am radically committed to kindness as the bedrock of the working environment I set.

Be well,

Work with me

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“I want to endorse Jeffrey as being a thoughtful director. He is supportive and skilled at bringing out the best in actors. I have really enjoyed working with him. If I were preparing an audition, I would find his advice valuable. If you are considering this offer, proceed with confidence.”

(Jen Gosnell, Actor and Voice-over Artist)

“Using the simplest of set pieces on a bare stage, this production focused on the language and the ability of the actors” … “I very much liked Jeffrey Puukka’s adaptation, respecting the language of the classic play while updating it to bring this anti-war play into modern times so it even reflects events in today’s world.”  (Ronni Lacroute.)