One-to-One Coaching

Jeffrey Puukka
Acting teacher, theatre director, drinker of coffee, working and daydreaming in the pacific northwest.

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During pandemic life…

I know that with the Covid-19 pandemic we are being kept on our toes. The financial pinch. The lack of connection with others takes a huge toll.

The power of 1:1 coaching keeps proving its worth to me, again and again, in these sessions. My purpose here is to help you, and stay priced accessibly.

For these reasons, I have reduced my 1:1 coaching rates during this period. For your safety, for now, all coaching sessions will be virtual, via ZOOM.

1:1 Collaboration

I’m here to help you.

Self taping
Cold reading
Voice and speech
Scene study

Your goals.  Your questions.  Your journey. Schedule Working Time with me for deep and nuanced coaching hyper-focused on you.


60 Minute Session 
$90. Discounted rate: $60 during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

For your convenience, bookings and payments are handled by Acuity Scheduling, so you can look through my office hours to choose a time that works for you.

What my students say…

“I want to endorse Jeffrey as being a thoughtful director. He is supportive and skilled at bringing out the best in actors. I have really enjoyed working with him. If I were preparing an audition, I would find his advice valuable. If you are considering this offer, proceed with confidence.”

Jen Gosnell
Portland, Oregon

“The thing that makes Jeffrey stand out to me is how good he is at bringing out YOUR brilliance. He doesn’t impose anything but instead, like any good teacher, helps you discover your own excellence. His coaching is insightful, deeply useful, expertly tailored to YOU. He responds to your desires and needs (no matter how diverse or wide ranging) and is able to provide coaching that exactly fits what you’re looking for. He’s also kind, essentially ego-less, and absolutely willing to acknowledge the limits of his expertise (eg, he won’t try to sell himself to you if he doesn’t think he has anything to offer). Looking for help with technique? Work with Jeffrey. Looking for text analysis? Work with Jeffrey. Character development? Jeffrey. Stage fright? Jeffrey. Personal confidence or fear? Getting into or back into acting? Jeffrey…”

Lyra Butler-Denman
Portland, Oregon

“Jeffrey asks questions that are helpful for growth and exploration.”

Sebastian Bjorn
Portland, Oregon