Notes to Dearie, 22 July, 2020

Jeffrey Puukka

ALL OF MY LIFE, I have loved hiding notes for people to find.

With so much anxiety, tension, and conflict in the world right now, I’ve decided to play a little game and scatter some optimism for folks to discover, if they’re paying attention.

So, if you find a note to “Dearie”, that’s from me!

I have to confess, this is very much for my own mischievous amusement… But I do wonder who might find one, and how they’ll react. Will they smile? Will they roll their eyes? Will they pass it on to a friend? Will they leave it where they discovered it? Will they toss it in the nearest rubbish bin without even reading it first? I don’t know, and perhaps it won’t make a difference to anyone but myself. But I hope Serendipity will help me share these words with people who need them.

Peace to you, and your heads, and your hearts. And if you ever find one of my notes, I hope you’ll let me know. All messages are composed, hand written, and unless otherwise noted, also hidden, and photographed by me.

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22 July, 2020
Somewhere in Portland, Oregon

Published by Jeffrey Puukka

Jeffrey Puukka is an award winning theatre director, living and working in Portland, Oregon.