First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”

. . .

Why I offer The Monday Night Acting Lab

Actors need connection, dialogue, and exchange with fellow actors to develop their skills and advance as quickly as they might.  Humans blossom in community.  That’s the key, and also the obstacle.

Actors are storytellers for their community.  To be an actor is a privilege.  Actors are powerful.  They shine light on what it can mean to be human.  They help audiences see their own beauty and mess.  They help people feel less alone.  The right actor can change a person’s life for the better.

Not everyone gets to do that.  It takes practice to do that. 

The Monday Night Acting Lab is a space for training to do the invisible work that flows into what an audience sees, and to cope with the invisible challenges actors face along the way. 

“One of the best acting classes I’ve been to in quite a while. And I studied with Uta/AADA/Meisner and Actors from The Actor’s Studio in NY. I know a thing or two about acting classes.”

Portland, OR

The purpose of The Monday Night Acting Lab is not to dogmatically prescribe new or old ideas about what to do, but to facilitate and hold space for your discoveries about how

Everyone’s how is different. 

How can you do this work with greater self-insight, bravery, ease, and generosity toward yourself and your collaborators? 

I came home from class wired for hours.  It happens every class. When I started the class, I did not speak in public.  But now I’m finding my voice and I’m less afraid of it.”

—Nancy Campbell
Portland, OR

The Monday Night Acting Lab

Through games, exercises, discussion, workshopping and coaching time, The Monday Night Acting Lab offers a safe space to train, experiment, and play.

Ages 18 and older, please.

This is a good fit for you if acting (and talking about acting) is not a whole new world for you.

For instance:

*You’ve had some previous encounters interpreting characters, working on plays.


*You’ve taken an introductory class from me before.


*You’re hoping to reignite your career after a pause of several years.


*You’re an experienced, working actor, and you have a clear understanding of challenges that trouble you, and you want to keep flexing those muscles.

A few examples of what The Monday Night Acting Lab can support you with…

-Relaxation and energy

-Focus and attention

-Cold reading skills development

-Monologue development


-Safeguards, tricks and practices for dealing with emotion

-Working with the other: reciprocity, flexibility, spontaneity

-Exploring playable opportunities through nuanced scene study


Portland, Oregon.

The Spring / 2023 Cycle is already in session. If you want to be alerted when enrollment opens again, feel free to join the waiting list.

“The thing that makes Jeffrey stand out to me is how good he is at bringing out YOUR brilliance. He doesn’t impose anything but instead, like any good teacher, helps you discover your own excellence. His coaching is insightful, deeply useful, expertly tailored to YOU.”


“The magic of being simultaneously inside one’s comfort zone and outside it: Jeffrey has been able to strike the most graceful and fruitful of balances when it comes to making sure participants are stretched to their potential, without sacrificing the warmth and guidance that stand as testament to a gifted teacher and acting coach.”