STREETCAR review: The Sandy Post (Pamplin Media Group)

“With simple additions like contemporary music and iPhones, director Jeffrey Puukka demonstrates the continuously relevant story arch of ‘Streetcar‘ in today’s society. This modern production deftly depicts how the reaction to rape victims has never really changed in the years since the play opened on Broadway in 1947. The play also illuminates the different ways people confront the topic with the people in their lives.
The production choreographs the simultaneous goings-on in every room of Stella and Stanley’s small New Orleans home, and on the porch and street outside their front door. The set design is ironic, with floating windows and empty door frames. The set is made without walls, yet the characters obviously have several emotional walls between each other.
This disconnect is expertly depicted by Lyra Butler-Denman (Blanche), Leila Villasenor (Stella) and Daniel Donlon (Stanley).”

(Brittany Allen, reviewing A Streetcar Named Desire, for The Sandy Post / Pamplin Media Group)

Published by Jeffrey Puukka

Jeffrey Puukka is an award winning theatre director, living and working in Portland, Oregon.