Notes to Dearie, 14 August, 2020

Jeffrey Puukka

14 August, 2020
Somewhere in Uptown Village, Vancouver, Washington

Today’s reminder for ‘Dearie’ is not always easy to remember: You have power in you.

Humans relating to other humans is anything but easy, and too often can be unfortunately painful. People may actually belittle you, and say you’re not smart enough… but people do not need to be intentionally malicious to foster doubt, or cause pain.

They may try to convince you you’ll get hurt. They may suggest you’re not good at finishing things, so why should you bother to try? Perhaps they see success in you, and it pinches a nerve about feelings of failure they carry themselves. Perhaps they see you outgrowing them, and it threatens how good or important you allowed them to feel.

Whatever the case, people or places that once worked with our best interests may no longer fit who we are, or where we’re trying to go now. It is painful, but it’s okay, because circumstances do change. Ambitions evolve. Knowledge expands.

Your life is yours. Your vision is yours. Your plan is yours, and if you can sense your way ahead, that is what counts.

You can start where you are, and use what you have. You can accept help from the resources available to you. Protect your vision, and build the story you want your life to be. You have power in you.

Peace to you goodly people. You, and your heads, and your hearts!

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About Notes to Dearie
With so much anxiety, tension, and conflict in the world right now, I’m playing a wee game and scattering some optimism for people to discover. Find a note to ‘Dearie’? That’s from me! All messages are composed, hand written, and unless otherwise noted also placed and photographed by me. If you’ve come across one of my notes, let me know! I’d love to hear how it happened!

I never know who might discover these notes, but I hope Serendipity will put these words in front of someone who could use them, which is why I share them here as well.

Published by Jeffrey Puukka

Jeffrey Puukka is an award winning theatre director, living and working in Portland, Oregon.