Praise for The Monday Night Acting Lab

“Jeffrey provides a space where you can simply exist, reflect, look ridiculous, try new things, and say “f**k it, let’s try it” and see where the chips fall in a space free of blame or shame. There isn’t necessarily a “right” way to do things, just many different options. You learn about the different aspects and driving factors that can influence individual actions, reactions, and choices. You learn about body awareness and how subtle changes can alter an encounter entirely. Most of all, you get to play and be challenged as much or as little as you prefer with a group of truly wonderful, welcoming, nurturing humans. I will absolutely be taking this lab again in the future and I highly encourage anyone interested to just do it, dive on in.”
(C.R. Monday Night Acting Lab participant.)

Praise for The Monday Night Acting Lab

“One of the best acting classes I’ve been to in quite a while. And I studied with Uta/AADA/Meisner and Actors from The Actor’s Studio in NY. I know a thing or two about acting classes.”
(Damon Millican, actor, participant in Monday Night Acting Lab.)

The Oregonian

“…Professional actors, say that as a director, Puukka is tops.”
(Article by Olga Kharif.)

Audience Response to "Women of Troy"

“Using the simplest of set pieces on a bare stage, this production focused on the language and the ability of the actors” … “I very much liked Jeffrey Puukka’s adaptation, respecting the language of the classic play while updating it to bring this anti-war play into modern times so it even reflects events in today’s world.”  (Ronni Lacroute.)

WOMEN OF TROY Review: Oregon Arts Watch

Our anxiety is high from the beginning scene” . . . “The Greek tales are timeless, and Puukka uses them to give us images of the realities of modern conflict between everyday people, armies and politicians. It’s not a patronizing liberal critique for pacifism, but a psychological interview of the dark side of human nature.” 
(Women of Troy reviewed by Christa Morletti McIntyre, Oregon Arts Watch.)