Notes to Dearie, 3 August, 2020

Jeffrey Puukka

3 August, 2020
Uptown Village, Vancouver, Washington

WE DON’T NEED to change ourselves to be happy, although we all have characteristics we wrestle with, or goals we want to achieve. We don’t need the world to change either, although there are definitely challenges in our communities we’d like to see solved.

We can allow ourselves to be happy now. Yet, for us mere mortals, there’s often a funny snag about happiness.

Very often, we mere mortals tend to register happiness through two lenses… the past, and the future.

“I remember I felt so happy back when I was…”, and, “Some day, when I (accomplish this, or have that…) I’ll finally be able to be happy”.

So, think out loud with me…

One strange reason we don’t always register happiness in the here and now is because when we’re happy, we’re engaged and alive in the present moment, and too busy BEING to second guess how we feel.

I wonder if that may reveal something about how we could approach a new day’s opportunities… We can allow for the opportunity of joy by participating in our own lives. Of course, that takes courage.

If we can unload just enough residue and expectation from the worries or grudges we shoulder to approach a new day with neutrality and curiosity, that’s a strong step toward stumbling into opportunities for joy.

Likewise, examining our day for people or experiences to express gratitude for is another excellent tool for extracting joyful nectar hidden in plain sight.

Our life is ours. Perspective makes a difference. Participation matters.


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With so much anxiety, tension, and conflict in the world right now, I’m playing a wee game and scattering some optimism for people to discover. Find a note to ‘Dearie’? That’s from me! All messages are composed, hand written, and unless otherwise noted also placed and photographed by me. If you’ve come across one of my notes, let me know! I’d love to hear how it happened!

Published by Jeffrey Puukka

Jeffrey Puukka is an award winning theatre director, living and working in Portland, Oregon.