Notes to Dearie, 26 July, 2020

Jeffrey Puukka

26 July, 2020
Somewhere in Portland, Oregon


With so much anxiety, tension, and conflict in the world right now, I’ve decided to play a wee game and scatter some optimism for people to discover. So, if you find a note to ‘Dearie’, that’s from me. I hid this little message somewhere in Portland, Oregon.

A teakettle can only take the heat for so long before the steam needs a place to go. So I hope you’ll be gentle with yourselves and each other this weekend. This note offers the gentle reminder that we have a voice that is wordless, uncensored, and pure. It slips out when we laugh, when we cry, and when we roar and scream.

It is okay to trust that voice, and use that voice. We can rely on that voice for release, and feel relief afterward.

If you feel angst taking over, and tension rising beyond what you’ll be able to control, before you leap to action, try letting loose with a good scream. You may feel vulnerable, and perhaps afraid of seeming a little crazy, but the noise that at last comes out of you will be absolutely authentic to the animal you are. There may be some liberation in that.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy.


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Published by Jeffrey Puukka

Jeffrey Puukka is an award winning theatre director, living and working in Portland, Oregon.